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Upgrades that GLOW


Experience the thrill of our latest addition: brand new black lights that bring the streets to life in our graffiti-tagged warehouse! Dive into an immersive, vibrant atmosphere where every game feels like a neon adventure. Don’t miss out on the electrifying excitement at Marco’s Laser Tag!

" We're On To Something "

The Clinic

In September 2014, ThoMarcus Nix, the CEO and Founder, arrived in Moncton. He was attending Crandall University on an athletic scholarship at the time. During his tenure, ThoMarcus found himself deeply involved in training youth, both through volunteering and employment opportunities. The Clinic, under his leadership, offers a range of services, including mentorship and engaging activities tailored specifically for teenagers.



We Create Memories!



Marco’s Laser Tag presents a premier venue for private events, catering to various occasions such as group rentals, birthday parties, and mobile events. Our commitment lies in providing an unparalleled experience, marked by exclusivity, flexibility, and utmost convenience.






Laser Tag Services

Achieving Your Athletic Goals

At Marco’s Sports Clinic, our aim is simple: we want to help you get better at what you love. Join our family and let’s work together to make it happen!
We believe in focusing on what you’re good at while also working on areas where you can improve.


Basketball Services